Welcome to Glenn's Blends!

Welcome to Glenn's Blends blog! Here you will find our tried and true recipes for everyday meals. Using our packets of dry rubs, marinades or sauces. If you are #team marinade or # team just salt and pepper. We have something to satisfy both! 

Lets keep it simple

All of our packets are easy to use and easy to serve! Our family enjoys delicious meals, and feel it is important to eat together as much as possible. We also value our time and know that sometimes we cant be in the kitchen all day creating meals. Chores won't get done by themselves! So we have created a way to help ourselves and others accomplish mealtime in a simple way. 


We will continually add recipes to help serve you. Some people dred the 5 o'clock hour when kids or spouse are asking. " What's for dinner? " Or the Barbeque you are supposed to bring something to this weekend? Yep, we've got you covered there as well. Your homemade dishes will be a hit every time! Check back often to see any old but goodies, or brand spankin new recipes. We look forward to seeing you! 

The Glenns